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I intend to use this blog as a medium of documentation of my personal thoughts on issues around me. I would want to see this medium as a diary in as much as i would want to use it as a way of finding solace when I get confused and at times sadened about the injustices that greed and selfishness create in a world where the obvious becomes so complicated that people have to suffer in diverse ways for the sake of the greedy few.

Always loved you

Jonathan Cudjoe Pewudie Posted on 2015-05-21 23:39:55

The most painful part of losing you kid brother is that you are one person I have always loved. I was always prepared to do anything for you and I know the feeling was mutual and that made loving you so easy. I wanted everything good for you and I wish I had done more. I feel so vulnerable without you buddy, my only question is why? Why did have to go? Was it an accident and nothing but accident? You owe me the truth of your passing cos I’m hurting seriously hurting and confused but above all I miss you and always will.

In Memory

Jonathan Cudjoe Pewudie Posted on 2015-05-21 22:58:01

It feels like yesterday but it’s already a year ago and I still can’t believe you are gone kid brother. A year ago today you left me and your loved ones in pain and sorrow and I still can’t believe it, I can’t believe you are no more. The pain has subsided but the sorrow and the lost remains. I’m still struggling to find me because you took half of me away Cudjoe. How do I explain the feeling of losing you when all I feel is emptiness and sadness? I’m trying to find consolation out of all the good things you did in your short lifetime but the thought of not seeing you smile again makes me feel miserable. That said buddy I am determined to make sure your good name remains, the love and affection you gave to the world is your legacy and it is my responsibility to maintain it. I am therefore seeing up foundation, in your memory to help poor children and I believe your soul will rest in perfect peace knowing that your legacy of love and help to all and sundry lives on.

Cudjoe I will always love you and you will always be with me till the day we meet again.

Take a look at your foundation site under construction counting on your support and guidance buddy.


Jonathan Cudjoe Pewudie Posted on 2014-10-25 19:16:11

Buddy! Just thougt I will post the tribute I wrote for you just in case you did not hear it clearly when Vanessa read it both in Sweden and in Sanco. Know what, I started writing it on the plane two days after ur departure when I left Sweden for Chicago but I just couldn’t carry it thorugh so I had to do it weeks later at the office and it took not more than 30 mins to put it together so forgive me if I forgot vital stuff you would have loved to read but hey I’m going to tell you more as time goes on so worry not child 🙂

Our Channel

Jonathan Cudjoe Pewudie Posted on 2014-10-25 19:06:35

Cudjoe this is our medium, our forum our channel a wayl get to share some of my thoughts if not all, especially about you. I wish I could pour it all out here for you to read but I know this is the internet where whatever is put here is at the disposal of every citizen of the universe – universe…!? yeah, you know what I mean cos that includes you 🙂 Hey buddy it’s Saturday today and I’m feeling down and just felt like going out, actually got to go and help a friend – gosh just smiling in the midst of tears…!because this all you did in your short life – helping others! Why do I feel your presence? Well I guess I’m just imagining it. Well hust thught I should create this channel so we can talk or rather so I can get to tell you what and how I feel if and when I feel like 🙂 Know what? Just made some fufu and I made your kind of light soup yesterday so buddy enough of this crap, now you know where find me so got to go eat my fufu and you may join me but since you prefer standing while eating just take a bit and enjoy it while standing but Im going to sit down. Ciao!