It feels like yesterday but it’s already a year ago and I still can’t believe you are gone kid brother. A year ago today you left me and your loved ones in pain and sorrow and I still can’t believe it, I can’t believe you are no more. The pain has subsided but the sorrow and the lost remains. I’m still struggling to find me because you took half of me away Cudjoe. How do I explain the feeling of losing you when all I feel is emptiness and sadness? I’m trying to find consolation out of all the good things you did in your short lifetime but the thought of not seeing you smile again makes me feel miserable. That said buddy I am determined to make sure your good name remains, the love and affection you gave to the world is your legacy and it is my responsibility to maintain it. I am therefore seeing up foundation, in your memory to help poor children and I believe your soul will rest in perfect peace knowing that your legacy of love and help to all and sundry lives on.

Cudjoe I will always love you and you will always be with me till the day we meet again.

Take a look at your foundation site under construction counting on your support and guidance buddy.