Cudjoe this is our medium, our forum our channel a wayl get to share some of my thoughts if not all, especially about you. I wish I could pour it all out here for you to read but I know this is the internet where whatever is put here is at the disposal of every citizen of the universe – universe…!? yeah, you know what I mean cos that includes you 🙂 Hey buddy it’s Saturday today and I’m feeling down and just felt like going out, actually got to go and help a friend – gosh just smiling in the midst of tears…!because this all you did in your short life – helping others! Why do I feel your presence? Well I guess I’m just imagining it. Well hust thught I should create this channel so we can talk or rather so I can get to tell you what and how I feel if and when I feel like 🙂 Know what? Just made some fufu and I made your kind of light soup yesterday so buddy enough of this crap, now you know where find me so got to go eat my fufu and you may join me but since you prefer standing while eating just take a bit and enjoy it while standing but Im going to sit down. Ciao!