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I intend to use this blog as a medium of documentation of my personal thoughts on issues around me. I would want to see this medium as a diary in as much as i would want to use it as a way of finding solace when I get confused and at times sadened about the injustices that greed and selfishness create in a world where the obvious becomes so complicated that people have to suffer in diverse ways for the sake of the greedy few.

Giving your All

Life Posted on 2011-07-27 23:30:58

Is there anything more rewarding than doing what is expected of you or what you’ve set your mind to do and doing it in à way that makes you tell yourself yes I did it and I’m proud of myself? No there isn’t. Honestly, I do not understand people who go to jobs they are paid for and want to keep and yet consciously decide to play hide and seek. How does one feel refusing rather than failing to give their best? I couldn’t hold back my tears watching the undercover boss tv program and seeing employees giving their best and more. Hardwork, honesty and humility are three imoprtant Hs which should be the guiding principles in every employees working life, simple arn’t they? I hope my children would always remember the Ansah-Pewudies’ motto – never give up.


Life Posted on 2011-07-27 20:10:38

It’s four days since the Norwegian bomb blast and the masacre of members of the youth wing of the Norwegian ruling party the Social Democrats tragically occured. have
since the news broke shed tears everyday at least twice à day – in the morning when I

read the newspaper and evening when I listen to the news. I have asked myself why this particular incident is so touching and causing so much grief especially so when

children are dying in the horn of Africa of hunger when food is being thrown in the bin everyday in other parts of the world including my home? When it all happened (
the Oslo incidents), everybody thought it
was the of terrorists (islamic extremists).
Assuming it was the work of islamic
terrorists would I have felt the same
anguish and grief? I do not know but
probably yes yet I can’t let go the thought
that this was the work of one man killing
dozens of people irrespective of age,
religion or race because he deslikes people
like me. Like à local politician belonging to
the Sweddish racist party Swedish
Democrats put it, the actions of this felon
are due to multi-etnicity. But how does any
nation develop without diversity?

Another question I’ve pondered over the last few days is would the activities that have been carried out by this murderer which have been omgoing for the past 10 years gone unoticed by the law enforcement agencies if he had been muslim or of à foreign background? Has the western world become so biased and so prejudiced that only wrong doing has been categorised based on religion and or origin? Ironically, two days after the incident the headen of the editorial of one Sweden’s dailys GP read;Terrorism or extremism? For obvious reasons I did not grasp the essence of the question. Would the same question have been asked if the act was committed by islamist group or an individual of à foreign background? I have no answers but in my world, causing harm and taking the lives of people in such à pre calculated manner and magnitude no matter religion or origin is nothing but à terrorist act.

My grief I believe is based on the fact that the perpertrator targeted à group of prople who are concerned about the welfare and development of society something I’ve spent the most part of My life doing. Co.-incidentally, i received by mistake an email which was not meant for me from someone who wants to start à war against muslims. Extremism whatever it’s form in My world is unhealthy and the only way we can find peace and tolerans in this world is accepting diversity and tolerate what is foreign.

May th souls of the fallen victims rest in peace