We all once a while do want to feel needed and useful to others, especially those we love and cherish. Having a sense of usefullness creates satisfaction and inner fullfillment-joy; what I call the essence of life. But when do you know you are of good use to someone you love? Often a thank you or a sign of appreciation is considered enough. My issue is who determines when Ive been usefull? Is it when I feel a sense of satisfaction for what I have done or is it when someone confirms in positive terms what I have done? Are these two premises synonymous or complementary? Or does one carry more weight than the other? Or could it simply be that the latter is the determining factor of the earlier? Gee, Im neither a psychologist nor a philosopher but if a good sense of satisfaction is enough to create that innate joy should one suffer the consequence of the misinterpretation of whoever is at the receiving end? Maybe not but if not then what worth is that joy or sense of satisfaction if the recipient has a different perception of what is intended? Sharing same values is probaby the underlying factor for mutual understanding and the determining factor for feeling useful and to be apreciated.

Well, its almost midnight but before the day ends I want to feel Ive been useful bucause I feel a sense of satisfaction that Ive been useful and appreciated by someone else.